fading memories

And only four little ducks came back. Tuesday 13th September Kunheim.

It had been a rather exciting day battling the mighty Rhine with its waves and currents and its shipping and its industry and monster locks, or perhaps we were simply bobbing gently down on its millpond complexion, in warm if not quite sweltering weather past kilometres ...

09/25/16 2:27 am

postcards from the road

Postcard from a Carwash

Hmm.. maybe not exactly from a carwash. Strasbourg France © postcards from the road

26 Sep, 2016



I painted this bloke about 18 months ago, he's close enough to two meters across not to argue. He seemed to be saying at the time that if one was to get one's life in to balance, one can't do it with both feet on the ground. Well I'm not sure if mine have hit the ground in the last ...

11 Mar, 2012 22:14

captain jojo

Oops! Have a bunch of flowers!

It's been a year or two since I posted on this blog, which to be fair I established as part of a project which didn't get off the ground, and to my horror and embarrassment I've discovered every man and his dog have been visiting! Maybe this small gesture will offset your frustration for ...

28 Feb, 2012

sunshine coast daily photo

HMAS Brisbane

When they sunk the Brisbane a kilometre or so offshore, they said it would become one of the world's great dive sites.  I have no idea whether it is or it isn't, but I'm told it's coral encrusted now and full of the sorts of fishy things that divers love to see. Dive Shop Moolo...

28 Sep, 2016

Peter Hyndman

I thought when I removed myself quietly from the instution known colloquially as "the work force", that my days of working without sleep were over.

I am not sure how it came to be that I now find myself in 2012, with five domains, half a dozen or maybe more sub-domains, several thousand pages of blog to maintain and at least hundreds of web pages in need of taming, as well as a small but terribly distracting mail list to run.

Did I mention that after more than a decade, we have been discretely evicted from Apple's MobleMe hosting, so as all sites are currently, like the economies of the Eurozone, under reconstruction.

So if my pages have a link or two missing don't fret for a week or two, at least until after this message has been removed, by which time I will once again be happy to hear from anyone!

In the meantime, please browse this one page and try your luck with any link that works. You will probably have to use your browser's "back button" to return though.